RECOR Auctions


Welcome to RECOR Auctions, the online auction platform for RECOR Global powered by the advanced technology of FRE (The Future of Real Estate).

Combining the market knowledge, insight and professional resources of RECOR with the industry-leading auction technology of FRE, RECOR Auctions delivers an alternative sales option in a fair, transparent and secure process to both our clients and our prospective buyers.

RECOR has built a network of experienced brokers reaching across specialties that have unmatched success with new land development, acquisitions/dispositions, and project management. These brokers coupled with our strategic partners that support leasing administration, valuation, property management, facility maintenance, technical/web services, and so much more, it’s easy to see why RECOR is the solution you have been looking for.

RECOR is here to help you achieve your goals wherever you are in the real estate industry.

RECOR Auctions Representative
Desiree D. Michael

Phone: +1 425 260-9697

FRE Representative
Alisha Lange
Phone: +1 949 706 6129